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3 Killer Ways to Get Traffic from Twitter

Twitter is the leading micro-blogging site with millions of internet users daily using it. Making new friends using Twitter is very easy but increasing traffic to your blog from twitter is a completely different thing and not as straight forward as you might think. twitter-traffic  With millions of people on twitter you can exploit the resources to get huge (I mean really huge) traffic to your blog. In this article you will read about 3 killer ways to get traffic from twitter.

3 Killer Ways are :

1) Profile Page and Twitter Username

A lot of people are looking at the profile pages in twitter, so you need to stand out of the mob when it comes to your profile picture and your bio. You should provide a link to your blog in your profile page.

As far as username is concerned, it should be related to your blog so that whenever your followers see your tweet they immediately think of your blog. By doing this you are actually branding your blog.

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2) Target Followers

You should be finding people with similar interest like, if your blog is about healthcare than you should find people who are health enthusiasts. This will make your followers respond to tweets and in turn increase page views as they are searching for good health related stuff. Always follow only people in your niche and unfollow everyone who is not following you.

3) Display RSS feeds On Twitter

The third Killer way to get traffic to your blog from twitter is by displaying your RSS feeds through tweets. This process can be manual or automated. When a new article gets published on your blog, you should tweet about it on twitter. If you have good targeted followers than your blog is bound to get traffic from twitter.

I hope by using these 3 killer ways you get more traffic to your blog from twitter.

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