Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Things to Do to Get Traffic to Your New Blog

Well I hope all those reading this post own at least one blog. Warm welcome for all those who have created a new blog and want to get traffic to their blogs and equally affectionate welcome for all my other readers. What to do once your blog is live?? blog-traffic  Do you want to get noticed, want to share ideas with the world, want to get more readers, want to be famous, want to earn from your blog, and want to have fun. Then Traffic is what you need to make your dreams come true. Bring traffic to your new blog with these effective methods.

Follow the steps given below to get traffic to your blog and earn some reputation and money.

1) Search Engine Submission

Majority of traffic comes from search engines like google, yahoo, bing and many others. So get your blog indexed in these search engines by submitting your blog to them.
You can submit your new blog to the 3 giants over here. Just click on any service and submit your blog

2) Submission to Blog Directories

Blog directories are the second biggest source of traffic. It bring targeted traffic to your blogs and in turn increases your ranking. There are many blog directories, you can search for them manually or follow my blog to get their names & updates directly to your inbox. Don’t pay anything for submitting your blog. It is a free process.

3) Use of Social Networking

Social networking has become a part of our lives. Almost everyone today uses social networking sites to stay connected with their friends and family. You can exploit the potentials of social media to gain some huge and loyal traffic to your blog. This traffic is very consistent. You can follow us on facebook or on twitter

4) Comment on other Do Follow Websites and Blogs

Next step is to get out of your blog and find some good high traffic blogs in your niche and start commenting on them with a link to your blog in your comments. This is a great way of getting noticed.

I hope by following these steps your new blog will get many visitors and you can become popular very quickly. If you have any doubt or any thought then do share your ideas through comments.

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door panels on 25 October 2011 at 09:41 said...

Increased traffic has different benefits depending on the purpose of the website. Every website will benefit from the traffic generated from search engine optimizing (SEO). With increased visitors there is a better chance of fulfilling the websites purpose.


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