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Advertisement Programs for Bloggers

I have read about many bloggers getting disappointed and finally leaving Blogging because their blogs were not approved for Google Adsense. There are many good alternatives to Adsense and you can use it to monetize your blogs. adverising-programs-bloggers-shan-satisfyingreviews3  In this article I will share few advertisement programs for bloggers which you can use on your blog to make money by blogging.

Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

CPC programs are easiest way to earn money from your blog. CPC programs are best programs available for a blog and they can be placed on any blog. Traffic is must in any situation. If you have a good traffic to your blog then you can earn some handsome income with these programs.

Cost-Per-Action (CPA)

CPA is much like CPC but there is just one major difference. In CPC you are paid when anyone clicks i.e. CPC pays you for every click but this is not the case in CPA. adverising-programs-bloggers-shan-satisfyingreviews1

In CPA you are paid when an action is taken. Now let me explain you what this action means. It means that when user interacts with the ad site like registering there or clicking in the ads site or buying any stuff then you are paid. In CPA the payment is much more.

In-Text Advertisement

In this method some keywords in your post changes into sponsored hyperlinks. The links are double underline to get differentiated. Whenever user clicks on the links you get your reward i.e. $$.

There are many other advertisement programs for the bloggers but I have not covered all of them. I will post review of each one of them in detail in my upcoming posts.  So keep following my blog for updates.

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