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Everything About Chitika : A Genuine Review

Chitika is the best online advertising network after Google Adsense. Chitika is one of the finest CPC (Cost Per Click) programs available to you. The best alternative to Google Adsense as far as earning money through Ads is concerned. Many sites tried to be like Adsense but each of them failed just because they were not innovative. Chitika, brought a new concept. They did not search the contents and displayed related ads but they scanned the search string that was used to reach the website. logo-research  Chitika displays the ads according to the search string. In this article, I will give you a genuine review about Chitika.

Making money by blogging was never easier, but Adsense made it as easy as anything you can think of. Only thing you have to do is to get your basics right. For all those who just want to make some extra money by displaying ads other than Adsense, Chitika is there for you.
I got approved yesterday on Chitika publishing network. But before I applied for approval I researched a lot about them. The outcome of my research is this article Everything About Chitika : A Genuine Review

The main features of Chitika are :

1) Chitika ads can be displayed along with Google Ads.
2) Geo Targeted Ads
3) We can customize the look and feel of ads
4) Integration is damn easy.
5) Different types of ads formats like pictures in ads
6) Control over keyword targeted ads
7) Chitika also have their own affiliate program.

I would recommend chitika if you have a targeted niche blogs like gadgets, e-books, etc. If you think that chitika can help you earn more money than you can register here for free. Author

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