Thursday, 8 March 2012

How to Expand Shortened URLs [Websites and Browser Extensions]

At a point where the risk of getting malware is so high that we think twice before downloading an app or opening an unknown page. urlXray  The shortened links make the situation worse as we don’t know where we will land after clicking the link. With the help of social media sites like twitter, facebook, etc, the shortened link services took the internet by storm. In this article, you will read about how to expand shortened links with the help of websites and browser extensions. This post will help you get smarter with what you click.

Reverse Url Services

1) Long URL [website]
2) URL X-ray [website and bookmarklet]
3) Sucuri [website]
4) Untiny [website and add on]
5) Long Url Please [add on]
6) Real Url [website]
7) LinkPeelr [website and add on]
The above websites and add-ons are most widely used for expanding the urls or reversing the links. If you use any of the above services or you use any other service then please share your experience through comments.

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