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Firefox Add-Ons for Bloggers

Firefox is one of the most successful browsers available today. Its add-ons library makes it the most powerful browser available. Till now 2,572,889,605 add-ons have been downloaded. This figure explains the power of Firefox add-ons. firefox-addons  I have pulled together some of the Firefox Add-Ons for Bloggers. Some of them will help in posting content, some with SEO and others may help in finding.

1) Firefox Universal Uploader – Common program for uploading
    files/data to sites like YouTube, Facebook, Picasa, etc.

2) Fireflix – Manage your Flickr pics. You can also upload and browse your

3) HootBar – Post directly to Twitter directly from address bar.

4) Scribefire – It is the best blogging tool according to me. It is a blog
    editor that integrates with your browser. It allows you to drag and drop
    data directly from a web page into a blog post.

5) Clipmarks – Clip any part of a website and put it on your blog or email it
    or save it.

6) Reminder Fox– A Firefox add-on that lets you manage reminders and
    to-do lists right within your browser.

7) Blogger Bar - As mentioned by the developer - "This Firefox Toolbar
    allows you to Search Blogger, and Blogger Profiles and includes a "Blog
    This" function, which allows you to Blog a link, and information about the
    current page you're on."

8) Adsense Notifier – Displays your Adsense earning in the status bar.

9) Dict – You can select a word, right-click and get the definition in a pop up

10) Copy as HTML Link – Copies the addresses of a page to clipboard as
      an HTML ready link.

11) MetaTags – Checks the meta information of a site. It also features an
     automated search engine submission tool.

12) SEOQuake – Grab it if you want to have good search engine ranking.

13) Sage – Sage is a lightweight RSS and Atom feed extension for Mozilla

14) Link Diagnosis – Excellent add-on for link analysis.

15) Read It Later – As the name suggest, it offers you to save pages easily
      to read it later.

Well these are some of the best Firefox Add-ons for Bloggers. If you know any other add-ons that deserve a place in this list then you can share it with us via comments.

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