Monday, 9 January 2012

Make Desktop Apps for Websites - Easy Way

Hi folks, I m back with another unique internet trick. There are many websites that we visit frequently. Normally people bookmark such websites but there is even a faster way to access websites using Google Chrome. Google Chrome offers ability to make desktop apps for websites. Opening websites with desktop apps gives more native-like experience as there is no address bar and other stuffs of a browser. Read to know the easiest way to convert a website into desktop application.

You don’t need any plugin or add-on for converting websites into desktop applications as it is already built-in Google Chrome.


Easy Way – Use Google Chrome

1) Open the website that you want to convert in Chrome.
2) Click the Wrench icon on right side then Click Tools => Create Application Shortcuts.
4) Click on Create in the dialogue box that opens up.
5) Finally you will see the shortcut on your desktop. Double click to open the website.

I tried to keep this tutorial as easy as possible and I bet this is the easiest way to make a desktop application of you favorite websites.

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