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Things to Do for Bloggers on Friendship Day

This is the so-called bonus post on Friendship Day for my readers. In this article you will read about things to do for bloggers on friendship day. Being a blogger and maintaining a balance between work and social life is not an easy task. It is very difficult for a blogger without a proper realistic schedule to take out time for social life. things-to-do  So what should a blogger do to take out time for his/her dear friends on Friendship Day? Well you will find the answer later in this article.

Friendship day is celebrated with great enthusiasm around the globe on First Sunday of August every year. The popular customs of friendship day included exchanging roses, friendship poems, friendship band, gifts and other things between friends. But new generation celebrate with parties, yummy dishes and drinks.

At times we get so busy with our work that we start taking our friends for granted. This day reminds us that we must appreciate the company of friends in our lives and admit with love the key role they play in our lives.


The following things a blogger must do on friendship day


  • Take out some extra time from his/her blogging schedule.

  • Prepare a friendship e-book dedicated to your friends.

  • Give away freebies on the occasion.

  • Organize an online event for your friends such as in Second Life.

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